Flights To Tel Aviv Tourists Guide

Tel Aviv is a fast growing metropolis center in Israel with booming population. The weather is warm throughout the year and you can explore the city through walking. You can travel to Tel Aviv by taking the national flag airline El Al, to the Ben Gurion airport.  El Al offers flight services to Tel Aviv from many worldwide destinations.


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Once you have arrived at the Ben Gurion airport, you can take the public train to go to the Tel Aviv Savidor-Merkaz station which is the city center. The best way for tourists to book flights to Tel Aviv is through the online flights booking system. You just specify the departure/return date and the country where you are from and it will return a list of available Tel Aviv flights and the costs.

From the Tel Aviv Savidor-Merkaz train station, you can take a bus to go to different places in the city center in Tel Aviv. The bus ticket is affordable and day pass can be obtained for tourists who are going to travel a lot throughout the day. You will find a lot of metered taxis when you walk outside the airport. However, you must keep in mind that you won’t be able to find any public transportation in Tel Aviv during the Sabbath, which occurs from Friday to the sunset of Saturday.


There are four districts in the Tel Aviv city including North, Center, South and Jaffa. There are more than 50 neighborhoods in Tel Aviv with each having its own culture. The north district is the wealthiest district where you will find landmarks like Hayarkon Park and Tel Aviv University. The center district is a busy tourism district with many tourism sites to visit. The center district is bounded by Allenby Street and Yarkon River.

The South is a poorer district that feature old style buildings but it is slowly becoming modern. In the district of Jaffa, there is an old seaport that exist since man thousands of years ago. This is the sea port where the prophet Jonah from the bible is believed to run onboard a ship and get swallowed into the stomach of a whale.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants that server delicious Israeli food. You will observe graffiti drawings by local as well as international artists in many public areas. Tel Aviv is ideal for tourists who want to have a beach holiday such as Mezizim Beach, Gordon Beach, and Kikar Magen David.

The beaches have a cool atmosphere and there are plenty of rooms to lounge around. There are plenty of beach lounge chairs on the beach so you don’t have to bring along a foldable chair. Tel Aviv has a lot of boutique hotels and hostels where tourists can spend the night at affordable prices.


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