Fun, Music and Entertainment at the Oktoberfest

Hello Germany! Let’s go visit Oktoberfest again this year. Are you with me? This cultural celebration known as the Oktoberfest is one of the things I love in Germany. Over four months from now, it will be starting again for this year2016. My colleagues has been talking about this since months ago. We are planning to go there this year. Although, I have been to this famous and largest festival on earth many times, it would be a pleasure going back there again and again.


One thing I love about the festival is that, it is multicultural. I mean, it is visited by many guests and tourists from all corners of the world. I also love tasting the local delicacies and other international cuisines there. Most of all, I love the fun, music and entertainment inside the beer tents.  The live bands who are playing German folk music with their fantastic and bombastic musical instruments make the environment inviting. I know for  sure, ba 115 makes the great sound of these live bands.  You can enjoy your mug of beer while listening to the live music on stage.  I already witnessed this many times and I always love it.

Are you going there this year? Be sure to book your hotel now! Have a lovely week folks!


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