Cant’ Wait to Witness Oktoberfest, the Largest Fair in the World

I am back from the outer space! I just landed some hours ago after a long trip to Mars and I am happy to be backed again safe and sound here on earth. lol! I am just kidding folks. How’s everyone doing out there? I hope the wheel is still turning and you always have a wonderful turn out there. So far, I am fine. I am just busy with my offline life. I also do some trips when I can. I just wish I can give you more updates here more often. I’ll try my best but won’t promise.

DE.Oktoberfest.Sept.26,2009-CANON2.oktoberfest, munich048
The world famous and largest Oktoberfest in Munich Germany.

I am trying to look at the calendar and found out that the largest fair or festival on earth will be starting soon? have you been to Oktoberfest? I am a happy traveler to be there many times. The festival this year will take place from September 17- October 3, 2016. If you haven’t plan anything yet, I guess you still have more time to book everything.

There are so many things I love in this fair. First on the list are the fun and entertainment brought by live performances like live bands on stage inside the beer tents. I would love to hear the beat of the drums, trumpets, guitars, violin and keyboard like akai midi keyboard. Isn’t it great to experience live performances with their fantastic musical gadgets?

I also love the carnival rides, the local and international delicacies, the sumptuous beers of all kind (although I don’t really drink when I go there) and what else? Oh well, simply the fun and enjoyment when you are in this festival.

I might see you there! Have a nice week to all!

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