Entertainment While in Confinement

Hello everyone! How’s your first week of October? Hope all is well with you all! Here I am again for a short update. I am still confine at the hospital. Today marks my three weeks of staying here. I hope and pray that I will be healed so soon and come back home with good health again.

I already miss the outside world. There are already a lot of things that I miss doing like going to work, cooking my favorite food, meeting friends, walking on a weekend or go shopping. I keep on praying everyday that all of these will be over so soonest…so help me Lord!

Here is just so boring. I am thankful that there are still some forms of entertainment for my myself. There is a television in my room. I have my Ipad and smartphone with me wherever I want to hear music or watch videos. Sometimes I watch musical shows on television where musicians used different musical instruments like guitars, violin, maschine mk2, trumpets, organ, piano and a lot more.

Despite my situation, I am still thankful that I live in  a  country where all my daily needs especially here in the hospital are provided. God is still good! I continue to hope and pray for my full recovery. I miss my workplace and the thoughtful people there and most of all the fun and laughter everyday!

Take care everyone and good health to you all!


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