Can’t Wait to Hear Christmas Songs Again!

Hello cold November in Europe! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start of the month. So far, I am doing better and keep on praying for the best. Wow, I can’t imagine that 2016 is coming to an end in less than 60 days. Before that, I would like to ask if you are already getting ready for the holiday season. I would say, I am!

Christmas is inevitable and it is coming very soon! That is why this coming weekend, I will already start putting up the Christmas tree. I am already excited about it. In my home country, you will already see a lot of Christmas decors on the road. Christmas music, songs and caroling can already be heard in some corners of the villages or cities. That is one thing I miss especially hearing those children caroling from house to house.

Off the story also..Last Wednesday, when I went to the doctor and was at the waiting room, an old lady heard me humming. She asked me if I love to sing. I told her that I do but I only sing at home or sometimes during family gathering. She said, that I need to sing out loud because she wanted to do the same but she can’t anymore. I guess, she is right and it is time to maybe try this sibelius notation. It says that this latest notation software upgrade will bring your music skills to the forefront in extraordinary ways. We will see if this help. I guess, it is still not too late to pursue that dream of becoming a singer. lol!

Lastly, I wish everyone in advance a wonderful holiday season. Take care folks!


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