Planning for 2017 Travels

Hello world! Let me greet everyone first a Happy New Year 2017! I apologize for the late greetings but as the saying goes “Better Late Than Never” and I agree with it. So better extend my late greetings than none at all. lol!

I hope you are having an awesome start of the year. So far, I cannot complain for now. The start of January was not really so good but it is getting very better right now and I am so thankful about it.

First thing, I have to do at the beginning of the year is to start to plan for my vacation leave and where to spend the next travels. I really wanted to visit a musical show in Europe. Whether it is in Hamburg, Berlin, Verona, Paris, Madrid or anywhere in this continent, I would really be glad to see some. I want to see live performers, singers and musicians on stage. Talking about musicians, it is good to see some playing a bass sax, a violin, piano, trumpets and other musical instruments that I love. Sad to say, I cannot play any of these and how I wish, I really can! I will see if I can find a musical trip in Europe that fits my budget.

I am happy that I already booked a trip in Portugal. I cancelled my vacation in Asia and decided to change it with Portugal. I still have rest vacation for this year and I hope, I can find cheap ones maybe in South America or Australia. It is time to save some money too!

All the best for 2017! Take care folks!


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