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Cruising in Greece..The Beauty of Santorini!

Hey folks! I am back in the travelsphere and  tonight before I go to sleep, I will share to you about my recent cruise in Greece especially that visit in Santorini. I just remembered that I already drafted the photos for this article two weeks ago. See how really busy I am  nowadays? I am […]

An Awesome Fabulous Holiday in Asia especially in the Philippines is Over Now

How have you been folks?  Wow, it is century now since my last update here. I am glad, I am finally backed giving you an  update today. The sweet days of my escapes to Asia is finally over! I am still having nightmares  until now. Sometime in the middle of the night or during dawn […]

Summer Visit in Stockholm, Sweden

I finally visited the capital city of Sweden. I might not be able to experience everything in this city but I am hoping that I will be  backed there again in the future to see the most of it. Stockholm was one of the cities we visited during that Baltic cruise holiday last summer 2013. […]

Lovely Summer in Tallinn, Estonia

It was wonderful summer trip I had in Tallinn. I can’t believed that I can visit Estonia’s  capital but I was finally there. Another travel wish and dream came true when I visited this city.  I thought,  I can only see it on travel catalogues, in Television or in internet  but I finally experienced  it. […]

The Dancing Girl Statue in Budva

I decided to go walking that afternoon in Budva. This lovely town is considered to be centre of Montenegro’s tourism. It is also well known for its sandy beaches, diverse nightlife, and examples of Mediterranean architecture. I found this statue in a travel magazine in my hotel room. The statue of the so-called “Dancing Girl […]

Will Spend My Birthday in a Cruise Ship in Scandinavia

Yay, I’m almost  turning another year  younger  soon!  Whose getting older anyway?  So as the saying goes, “only the buffalo gets older”. lolz!  I believed this time is quite a memorable  natal  day for me. It will be the first time I will be  spending my  my special day in a cruise trip.  It might  […]

Booked A Cruise Trip To Scandinavia with AIDAbella

Yes, I finally booked another cruise trip to Scandinavia.  When I arrived from a week trip from Ireland, my  friend  Jean sent me a message in facebook that she wanted to go with me to that trip. I was so happy when she decided to travel with me. It will be a 5-days trip and […]