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Throwback Travel- Basilica of St. Peter , Vatican City

Its been awhile since my last visit in Rome. In fact, it is over 6 years now since I was there. Let’s do a throwback from one of the amazing places I visited in Europe which is Vatican City. The State of Vatican City, as it is officially known is a must to see in […]

Thanking 2015 for a Well-Travelled Year Visiting 10 Countries

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! How was your first days of the year? I hope everything is starting great. So far,  mine is good and I can’t complain about  it.  I am full of hopes, dreams and determination for this year.  Life must go on whatever lies ahead. We have to remember, life is […]

The Amazing Ancient Walled Cities I visited in Europe

Hello February! The second month of the year is finally here! I guess, many are quite excited especially for those who have already found their special someone to celebrate the so-called “Hearts’ Month”. I don’t occupy myself with this topic now because I am really busy with so many things. lolz! I would rather love […]

The Singing Gondolier in Venice

Now, I surrender! I was searching for photos in my external hard drive. Those photos are actually taken during  my trips in Venice, Italy.  It seems that I cannot find the one I wanted to post here. I am trying to find this singing Gondolier in my photo albums. Sad to say, with the thousands of […]

Things to Do When Visiting The Beautiful City of Barcelona

Have you been to this beautiful city of Barcelona? I am glad, I did and I truly love this amazing capital of Catalonia. It is also the largest city of this region and the second largest in Spain. It is a historic city  dating back being at least 2,000 years when it gained prominence as […]

Limited Time for Shopping in Innsbruck, Austria

It was over a month now since I and a good friend had a trip in Innsbruck, Austria. We had fun that day and the weather was perfect for sightseeing and yes,  for shopping as well. It was winter but we were lucky to have a sunny 8 degree Celsius temperature when we were in […]

Visiting Limerick, Ireland- the City of Great Poets and Writers

Let’s visit Ireland again! This time I am bringing you to the so-called “City of the Great Poets and Writers”, in Limerick!  It seems like only the other month when I visited this riverside city. It is over 8 months now since my visit in Limerick. The  Thomond Bridge crossing the River Shannon in Limerick, […]

Lovely Summer in Tallinn, Estonia

It was wonderful summer trip I had in Tallinn. I can’t believed that I can visit Estonia’s  capital but I was finally there. Another travel wish and dream came true when I visited this city.  I thought,  I can only see it on travel catalogues, in Television or in internet  but I finally experienced  it. […]

The Cibeles Palace in Madrid, Spain

I am currently exchanging messages with a friend from Madrid while writing this post. She is asking me when I will go back to Spain’s capital city. Well, when finances permits, I would like it soon! At the moment, it is not really my priority because I was there twice already. I had very challenging […]

Such a Fine Sunny Day in Pisa, Italy

I set my alarm at 7:00 in the morning that day!  Although  I still  want to  sleep longer that morning I decided  to wake-up earlier because I want to do some adventure in Pietrasanta. Our  sightseeing in Pisa will be in the afternoon so I have the whole morning  available to do or to go […]