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Remember the Fun at the Volksfest in Neumarkt Oberpfalz

It’s been four years now since I last visited this German festival called as Volkfest in Neumarkt Oberpflaz. This word is literally known as “People’s Fair or Festival”. This is one thing I really love in Germany. The world’s most famous Oktoberbest in Munich is also a form of a Volksfest. It can be a […]

Live Bands at the Volksfest in Germany

Volksfest, a German word is literally translated as people’s festival. You can experience this festival especially during summer season. Volksfest in Germany combines with beer festival or wine festival. I already experienced a lot of this kind of fairs in any parts of Germany especially in Bavaria. One of the Volksfest I experienced is this […]

Can’t Wait to Experience Again the Fasching Festival in Dietfurt

It is carnival season again in Germany. Germans call it Fasching, Fastnacht or Fasnet. Other German-speaking countries have also other names for carnival. In Germany, fasching or carnival season begins each year on 11 November at 11:11 a.m. Also called as Fifth Season, it finishes on Ash Wednesday of the following year with the main […]

Fun at the Beer Tent in Munich’s Oktoberfest

I know it is Halloween season now but let me remember the fun I had when I visited the largest festival in this planet. Yes, it is in Munich’s Oktoberfest where I really had so much fun! Can you imagine witnessing this very awesome celebration? For those who experienced it, I know for sure you […]

The World’s Biggest Festival, Oktoberfest Comes Soon

Are you ready to party! The world’s biggest fair is about to begin!  Many  guests and  visitors from all corners of the globe will be partying again in this festival.  For sure, millions of  liters of beer will be consumed again. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival  celebrating beer  in this area called  Theresienwiese in  Munich, […]