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Thanking 2015 for a Well-Travelled Year Visiting 10 Countries

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! How was your first days of the year? I hope everything is starting great. So far,  mine is good and I can’t complain about  it.  I am full of hopes, dreams and determination for this year.  Life must go on whatever lies ahead. We have to remember, life is […]

Cruising in Greece..The Beauty of Santorini!

Hey folks! I am back in the travelsphere and  tonight before I go to sleep, I will share to you about my recent cruise in Greece especially that visit in Santorini. I just remembered that I already drafted the photos for this article two weeks ago. See how really busy I am  nowadays? I am […]

The Amazing Ancient Walled Cities I visited in Europe

Hello February! The second month of the year is finally here! I guess, many are quite excited especially for those who have already found their special someone to celebrate the so-called “Hearts’ Month”. I don’t occupy myself with this topic now because I am really busy with so many things. lolz! I would rather love […]

The Amazing Architecture of Seville Cathedral in Spain

That first visit in Spain was indeed one of the highlights in my travels  last 2011.  Indeed, it was the most memorable and most exciting  trip I had  that year.  After so many years of dreaming to visit this beautiful country, I finally landed  for the first time in Andalusia. Thanks to a dear friend […]

Throwback Thursday Travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hello September! I hope your first week of the month is starting great. I believed, I do and I am grateful about it!  I just remember that today is Thursday. I am thinking of posting photographs here from my previous travels. This means that there will be throwback Thursday photo(s) during this day of the […]

Visit to Wroclaw Cathedral

I finally had the chance to be here again. Life has been so busy the past days. This is also the problem when you are already working but I am thankful that at least something is making me busy now. I don’t have much time anymore to go online. How I wish I can give […]

Visiting the Garden Paradise of Keukenhof in the Netherlands

If you love plants and flowers, this is the perfect time to visit Keukenhof. This place is like heaven to me and it is indeed a paradise. Since I love flowers and gardening, in which I can also say, I am a gardener myself, that visit we had in Keukenhof was really a great experience […]

A Beautiful Day in Assisi, Italy

This post should be done some hours ago. Since I  hooked-up again  watching movie on television, it took me again too long to finish this post. Sorry for that. Hey,  March is ending soon! Hello April, I am excited that you are coming in some minutes, Central European Time.  I have so many things to […]

Passing-By in Llorts, Andorra

That was a lovely day we had. After visiting some places in the nearby places of Catalonia in Spain, our program during that day was a drive around Andorra. I felt so lucky as one of the places in my bucketlist finally came into relialy. I was in Andorra! Houses and architecture in Llorts, Andorra. […]

The Albertina in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. In  this city, you can find this museum known as the Albertina. It is located in the Innere Stadt (First District) of Vienna, Austria. Taken during my third visit last December 2013. © What can you find in the Albertina? It houses one of the largest and […]