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Limited Time for Shopping in Innsbruck, Austria

It was over a month now since I and a good friend had a trip in Innsbruck, Austria. We had fun that day and the weather was perfect for sightseeing and yes,  for shopping as well. It was winter but we were lucky to have a sunny 8 degree Celsius temperature when we were in […]

Went Shopping in Florence

Yes, I did went shopping in Florence! How I wish I have more time to  go shopping there because there are some things I was looking for. Florence  is not only a great historic city to  visit in Italy but it is also a great place for shopping.  Sad to say, my time was limited […]

How To Save Money When You Shop While Travelling

When I travel, I usually go shopping. I guess travel and shopping always go together. When we travel, we cannot avoid buying souvenirs especially when we are collecting some kind of souvenirs. It is not only souvenirs we are buying, but also other goods which we like or find interesting. During my last vacation to […]