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Passing-By in Llorts, Andorra

That was a lovely day we had. After visiting some places in the nearby places of Catalonia in Spain, our program during that day was a drive around Andorra. I felt so lucky as one of the places in my bucketlist finally came into relialy. I was in Andorra! Houses and architecture in Llorts, Andorra. […]

Summer in Vatican City

Last week, I received a new travel catalog featuring many travels to some parts of the globe. Included in it a holiday package to Rome, Italy including   Vatican City. It’s been so long time since I last visited Rome and Vatican City.  It was quite a memorable trip but some days visit are not […]

Things to Do When Visiting The Beautiful City of Barcelona

Have you been to this beautiful city of Barcelona? I am glad, I did and I truly love this amazing capital of Catalonia. It is also the largest city of this region and the second largest in Spain. It is a historic city  dating back being at least 2,000 years when it gained prominence as […]

So Grateful for a Great Travel Year 2013!

Happy  New Year 2014! We are finally in a new phase of our lives! It is not easy for me to say goodbye  to 2013 because it was indeed a great travel year for me. There were so many memorable and  good things that  occurred last year.   I have to face it now, 2014 […]

Visiting Limerick, Ireland- the City of Great Poets and Writers

Let’s visit Ireland again! This time I am bringing you to the so-called “City of the Great Poets and Writers”, in Limerick!  It seems like only the other month when I visited this riverside city. It is over 8 months now since my visit in Limerick. The  Thomond Bridge crossing the River Shannon in Limerick, […]

The Cibeles Palace in Madrid, Spain

I am currently exchanging messages with a friend from Madrid while writing this post. She is asking me when I will go back to Spain’s capital city. Well, when finances permits, I would like it soon! At the moment, it is not really my priority because I was there twice already. I had very challenging […]

Itinerary for My Tuscany Trip

Yay! somebody is excited! I already started packing my luggage today.  Some nights from now,  my trip to Tuscany region in Italy is about to commence.  I booked this trip some months ago. To be exact last June 23 and that was  four months  ago. It will be a bus trip and I will be […]

I Want to Travel to Countries with the Most Colorful Flags

I always love to travel and travel!  I  believed in the saying that  says, “If you only  read a book and don’t travel, you  only read one page of it”.  When finances are available, I would be in the other side of the globe right now. Inspite of visiting over 30 countries for the past […]

World Festivals: wellies optional

If bad weather, soggy camping and portaloos don’t appeal to you, grab your passport and have yourself an altogether different festival experience, somewhere other than the UK with BeatTheBrochure. Holi Festival, India, 27th March The Hindu Holi Festival, also known as India’s Festival of Colors, celebrates the triumph of good over evil.  This very colourful […]