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Busy Planning for the Itinerary of the Coming Holiday to Asia

Planning for  a holiday is not an easy task.  This is true especially  if you want to visit a lot of places in one vacation.   There are a lot of things to consider from  finding cheap flights, affordable accommodations, land transportation, transfers,  finding a good restaurants that offer  local cuisines, things to do  and […]

Things to Do When Visiting The Beautiful City of Barcelona

Have you been to this beautiful city of Barcelona? I am glad, I did and I truly love this amazing capital of Catalonia. It is also the largest city of this region and the second largest in Spain. It is a historic city  dating back being at least 2,000 years when it gained prominence as […]

Visiting Limerick, Ireland- the City of Great Poets and Writers

Let’s visit Ireland again! This time I am bringing you to the so-called “City of the Great Poets and Writers”, in Limerick!  It seems like only the other month when I visited this riverside city. It is over 8 months now since my visit in Limerick. The  Thomond Bridge crossing the River Shannon in Limerick, […]

Top Art Galleries To Visit in Europe

One of the best experience when touring Europe is to visit its top galleries and museums. Whether you are in Germany, France, England, Austria, Belgium, Italy or any European countries, there are always interesting and fine galleries to explore.Here are some of  these worth to see museums in Europe. 1) Gemaldegalerie, Berlin Gemaldegalerie, Berlin has […]