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Thanking 2015 for a Well-Travelled Year Visiting 10 Countries

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! How was your first days of the year? I hope everything is starting great. So far,  mine is good and I can’t complain about  it.  I am full of hopes, dreams and determination for this year.  Life must go on whatever lies ahead. We have to remember, life is […]

Go Travel and See Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Let’s go travel and see the world again. I guess, it is time to  give you some  updates  from my recent travels.  It seems that I am away here for sometime and  I apologize for that.  I am  just so busy  with so many things at the moment. What can you expect of a  wanderlust  […]

The Next Adventure in Europe is Coming Soon

Whoaaa! The first BER month called SeptemBER is almost ending. Two more sleeps and we will be entering the  10th month of 2015.  This means that  the next  adventures are about to come.  In over a week from now, I will be hitting the road again and  I am getting very excited now! I always […]

Visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul for the Second Time

After visiting Istanbul for the first time last 2011, I had a great feeling that I will visit the biggest city in Turkey again. Indeed after almost 4 years, I was there for the second time. Visiting the only Eurasian city in the planet is  an awesome experience for me.  I can never have enough […]

Spring Visit in Kotor, Montenegro

Yes, it is finally spring time! One of the best times  of the year to travel in Europe especially in the Balkan Region.  Before I start with the my travel article about Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro, please let me first extend my thoughts, prayers  and condolences to the families and friends of the […]

The Amazing Ancient Walled Cities I visited in Europe

Hello February! The second month of the year is finally here! I guess, many are quite excited especially for those who have already found their special someone to celebrate the so-called “Hearts’ Month”. I don’t occupy myself with this topic now because I am really busy with so many things. lolz! I would rather love […]

The Singing Gondolier in Venice

Now, I surrender! I was searching for photos in my external hard drive. Those photos are actually taken during  my trips in Venice, Italy.  It seems that I cannot find the one I wanted to post here. I am trying to find this singing Gondolier in my photo albums. Sad to say, with the thousands of […]

The Amazing Architecture of Seville Cathedral in Spain

That first visit in Spain was indeed one of the highlights in my travels  last 2011.  Indeed, it was the most memorable and most exciting  trip I had  that year.  After so many years of dreaming to visit this beautiful country, I finally landed  for the first time in Andalusia. Thanks to a dear friend […]

A Beautiful Day in Assisi, Italy

This post should be done some hours ago. Since I  hooked-up again  watching movie on television, it took me again too long to finish this post. Sorry for that. Hey,  March is ending soon! Hello April, I am excited that you are coming in some minutes, Central European Time.  I have so many things to […]

Go Travel and See Troy in Turkey

Are you familiar with the epic poems, Iliad and the Odyssey? You might probably familiar about Trojan War. Let’s say about the Trojan computer virus? Troy, called in German as Troja or in Latin word as Troia, was a city which is both factual and legendary. It is located in southeast of the Dardanelles and […]