This Amazing Beauty of Nature, The Snoqualmie Falls in Washington

First of all, I would like to thank a good  friend for her generosity and kindness.  I only met her first last spring 2012 but then we became good friends.  She and her family visited Europe and I also toured them to some areas in this continent.  When I visited  her and family last summer of the same year, I stayed in their house for some nights.  She also toured me in some of the places in Washington.  I am grateful  for your goodness Ate Thel.  You are the one of the best!

One of the places she showed me was the Snoqualmie  Falls. It was almost an hour drive from where she lives. This waterfall is 82 meters high (268 ft).  It is located between Fall City and Snoqualmie in Washington, USA. We had a walk in  some parts of the area and  also went to the observation deck to have a good view of the falls.  You can also see the Salish Lodge and Spa overlooking the falls.

After our stroll at the park, we proceeded to the souvenir shop in the area. I bought w some fridge magnets, postcards and a keychain. We also went to the  brewery  near the area and tasted some beer. It was so far a wonderful day!

Snoqualmie Falls-©

Snoqualmie Falls-

There are two hydroelectric power plants at Snoqualmie Falls, both currently operated by Puget Sound Energy.

Snoqualmie Falls.-©

Snoqualmie Falls.-©


Our Visit in Istanbul, Turkey

Would  you believed a jobless  individual  can travel in many cities and countries? I was asked many times by some friends how  can  I travel  when I am   jobless.   One friend  answered, “she is jobless but not  incomeless”.  That was quite a tough  answer! I hope to share one day how I travel without having a full time job. I just need to find time to explain everything. I  mean the secrets why I can travel without  having a regular job.

Let me go back to the main topic here. I once visited Turkey. It was  only a  10-day trip but we did saw and experienced a lot of places there. One of it is Istanbul. I cannot believed that I  finally had the chance to step on this city. If you love culture and history, Istanbul is a perfect place for you to visit. If  you  have a lot of money,  why not buy and  own an Istanbul property.  If I win  millions in the lottery, I will  surely buy one in this city. The reason is,  I am just so  near  in Asia, my home continent.   Don’t you know that Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally?  If you cross the other side of the Bosphorus Strait, you are already  in Asia. It feels good  if once in a awhile, we step on our home continent.  I wish I had the chance to go directly to my home country when I was there.

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. I was there! ©

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. I was there!

Istanbul was formerly known as Constantinople.  It is the most populous city in Turkey and also the cultural and financial centre. There are so many historical  sights to see in this city. During our visit, we saw  the Hagia Sofia, the Sultanahmet or the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Galata Bridge and Tower, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Hippodrome, Theodosian Walls, the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, Dolmabache Palace and other sights in this city. I was saddened when the tour guide cancelled our tour in Topkapi Palace. This is one of the reasons  why I want  to go back again  to Istanbul.

I believed the highlight of our trip was our mini-cruise in Bosphorus Strait. That was truly one of the best and most memorable travels I had in 2011.

The  interior of the Blue Mosque. Taken last Sept. 2011.©

The interior of the Blue Mosque. Taken last Sept. 2011.


My Fave Sights in London

It is over four years now since I last visited London. Last year, a good friend  was inviting me to go with her to UK’s lovely capital. I told her, why not since it is a long time now since my  last visit. This month, I already started to look for cheap flights. I found some but I am still waiting for my friend’s final decision of going there. My friend loves clubbing and if our trip will pursue this coming spring season, I would surely love to go with her in one of the clubs in London. This is one thing I did not experience when I visited London last autumn 2008.

Let me share to you my fave sights in London and I wish to visit it again.

London Eye– It was a  cloudy,  rainy autumn afternoon when I  was walking  alone near London  Eye. Yes, I travel alone sometimes.  I decided to ride the tallest  and the famous  Ferris wheel in Europe.  It was once the tallest in the world when it was built in 1999.  Now, it is the third tallest after the Star of  Nanchang and the Singapore Flyer.  London Eye’s total structure  is  135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres (394 ft). I was so happy after my  dream came true. That is riding the  popular wheel   in London. Thanks Goodness, I don’t have fear of heights!

The famous London Eye. I had a three weeks vacation in England last 2008.©

The famous London Eye. I had a three weeks vacation in England last 2008.

Tower Bridge– Remember the song, “London bridge is falling down, falling down and so on and so forth. I am telling you guys, it is  not the London Bridge that is falling down but  the bridge next to it which is the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge-©

Tower Bridge-©

Both bridges crosses the River Thames.   The Tower Bridge  is a suspension and at the same time a  bascule   bridge.  It is located near the Tower of London where it got its name. I want to go back again to  London  to see  this bridge again and visit its engine room and  the Tower Bridge exhibition.

Buckingham Palace– This is another must-see in London. You have to see the official London residence of the Queen together with the Westminster.  I  was glad and contented when I see this architecture. I also witnessed the  so called “Changing of the guards”. I hope in my next visit I can already have a tour inside Buckingham Palace . A friend from London told me that tours inside are offered  during summer season.

Buckingham Palace- ©

Buckingham Palace- ©

I was also in Piccadilly  Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminter, Canary Wharf, Tower of London, Madame Tussaud, The Gherkin  and other sights in UK’s capital city. I wish to visit   London again in the future.


Save Money and Have Fun On Your Next Vacation

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Searching For Deals

There are flights and hotels that are available to people at a discounted cost if they choose to book at the last minute. People who are looking to get away from the real world for a long weekend in paradise can often save a lot of money doing so by heading over to the travel planning website. You will find deeply discounted flight tickets, hotel rooms, and more when you type in the city that you want to go to. Then you’ll have more money to do what you want while you are on vacation in another city or country.

Did You Pack Everything?

Once you reserved your hotel room, bought your flight tickets and are just about to head out the door, you need to ask yourself if you packed everything you are going to need. You don’t want to forget something you truly need, like prescriptions, glasses, clothes, etc when you are going on vacation to a different country. Make sure you write a list that you can go through when you are packing your suitcase so you won’t forget anything.


My First Travel Booking for 2013

I am quite excited because I finally booked my first trip for this year. I am very optimistic and I believed 2013 will be another year full of trips and travels for me. Do you have any idea what country I will be visiting first?

Since first week of January 2013, I already started to hunt for affordable holiday deals especially in Europe. I am thankful that with our modern technology using computer and internet, we can already browse for many cheap travels offered by various travel agencies and booking companies online. For example if you are from the UK, you can search for money saving all inclusive holidays with UlookUbook. This company have travel agents who will help you find discounted flights and hotels to many destinations worldwide. Whether you are looking for cheap cruises, all include holiday deals or low cost airlines and affordable accommodations, their travel team can surely help you in finding one that fits your travel needs and budget.

I am happy to announce that I finally booked my trip to Ireland this coming March. It is a 7-day trip for only 499.00 Euros. Included in the package are the return flights, 3-star hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner and the trips to the different places in Ireland. Dublin, Ennis, Ring of Kerry, Cork, Kilkenny and Connemara are among the places included in that 7-day trip. Not only that, we also have tour guides who will be touring us around those areas.

I can’t wait to spend my first travel for 2013.


Planning for 2013 Travels

Happy New Year  everyone! 2013 is finally here. I hope you are having a wonderful start of the year.  I am so far doing good.

This morning while taking my breakfast and  I would say  my teatime, I also happened to read the newspaper that we are subscribing daily. I  already found some trips  advertised on the newspaper for this year.  I found  some interesting places on it but  the trips are quite expensive. There are a lot of destinations that are on my bucketlist this year.  I will see if I can find cheap travels for this year. I have a calendar where I can  note the dates of  the places that I am   targeting.

I am also planning to find sponsors for my travels this year. If you are  in the travel industry and you are looking to promote your business, products or services, I can surely help you with it in exchange for sponsoring my travels. What do you think?

Here are some of the cities and countries that are included  in my wishlist to visit.

  1. Oslo, Norway
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Helsinki, Finnland
  4. Tallin, Estonia
  5. Dublin, Ireland
  6. Edinburgh, Scotland
  7. Lisbon, Portugal
  8. Zagreb, Croatia
  9. Moscow, Russia
  10. Belfast, Northern Ireland
  11. Warsaw, Poland
  12. Athens, Greece

and a lot more.

I  am thankful for the year  2012. So far,  it was a great year for me. I had visited some  cities and countries including   United States of America (Nevada, Arizona, California and Oregon), Lithuania, Latvia Switzerland (Basel and Zurich), lots of cities in  Spain,  Strasbourg  in France,  Vancounver in Canada, Karlovy Vary in Czech  Republic, Salzburg- Austria, Budapest- Hungary and  many towns and cities in Germany.

I am very thankful for  all the chances and opportunities  in  visiting these places. I hope to travel more countries this year. I will surely keep you updated.  You can also visit these blogs for more travel stories and  images, Europe Travel Pad, Countryside Trip, and Travel Snapshots.

Here are  some of the  snapshots I took from my travels last 2012.

Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland- ©

Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland- ©

River Cruise in Ill, Strasbourg.©

River Cruise in Ill, Strasbourg.

Old Riga Bulidings, Latvia-©

Old Riga Bulidings, Latvia-

Forums Shops- Caesars Palace, Las Vegas©

Forums Shops- Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic

This infographic represents the main holiday expenses: food, alcohol, trips, gifts, duty free, travel & transport, holiday decorations, clothes, sports, and accessories. Christmas is a great opportunity to relax and save up some strength for work; however, the holiday season is particularly expensive. The most popular states to spend Christmas vacation in are: Nevada, New York, Colorado, and Florida. 37% of Americans even don’t think about their spending, especially when they are on vacation. Astoundingly, 63% of Americans take out payday loans to get quick cash, along with high fees. During the holiday season, it is necessary not only to control your expenses, but also to use payday loans right way, for emergencies.


Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic



Entertainment at the Comfort of Your Home

What are the kinds  of  activities  or  things   usually  entertain you? Do you need to go somewhere to entertain yourself? Everyone certainly has their  own source  of entertainment that they always love  and enjoy. In  this highly technological world we live in, there are  various ways we can  entertainment   ourselves. If you love watching television, playing video games, reading a very interesting book- like the bestseller entitled “The 50 Shades of Grey” (a lot of friends were wildly  entertained with this one), or maybe playing some indoor games like chess, cards, or entertainment through electronic media, there are numerous types of games and entertainment to  choose  from that   practically everyone can  find interesting.

According to wikipedia, “Entertainment is an action, event or activity that aims to amuse and interest an audience. It is the audience that turns a private recreation or leisure activity into entertainment.” I believe  this is a very clear statement   about entertainment.

Did  you know that there are still other forms  of entertainment that can be enjoyed  in  the comfort of your  own home? You don’t even need to go anywhere, there’s no need to stress  out about  driving. This is  especially true  during the winter season. when it is snowing outside or  the weather really gets bad. By entertaining yourself  at   home, you are not only safe,  but  you will also avoid the hassles of driving. 

I am actually talking about playing bingo. Yes, you can play bingo online at While enjoying  sipping your favourite tea or coffee in  the comfort of your own home, playing online bingo will surely get rid of your boredom during rainy days. It  will make  your day   brighter and  more enjoyable. Playing online bingo will not only entertain you,  but  you  will also have a good  chance of winning. Why not try your luck and entertain yourself at!


Home Ideas I Get When I Travel

We just arrived from our weekend trips in Switzerland and France. Among the places we visited were Riquewihr and Strasbourg, both are located in France and Basel in Switzerland.  Those were  such wonderful trips and was so cheap considering that  we stayed in a 5-star Hilton hotel in Basel.

As a traveler, I am always observant everytime I visit a place. I always look around and love to take pictures of anything. Last Sunday, as we were on our way to Strasbourg, this retired German guy who was with us in that bus trip told me something like, “You are taking a lot of pictures, huh?” I answered back, “Because we have nice cameras and taking pictures is only the memories we can bring home for free. Besides, we are beautiful that’s why we love to take pictures of ourselves”. He ended up shutting his mouth. (more…)


Visit to the Beautiful Insel Mainau

It is so far one of the most beautiful garden I visited in Germany.  Its  location is perfect being  surrounded by water. Insel Mainau  is a garden island located in  Lake Constance.  It is a flowering island notable for its parks and gardens. The island belongs to the Lennart  Bernadotte Foundation and was created by the late Prince Lennart.

We visited this island last summer  of this year. It was bus trip and took us around 4 hours to reach this island. The weather was perfect during our visit. It was quite hot but with the beauty of this island, you will  forget  all  your tiredness and worries. I felt like I was in paradise when I was there.

At the Butterfly Greenhouse in Insel Mainau.

 The island is one of the main attractions in Lake Constance area.  It is  famous  for its Italian Rose Garden with its pergolas, sculptures, fountains and some 500 varieties of roses. The  Butterfly Greenhouse and  the flower arrangements in its gardens are also  worth to see.

I can’t imagine how the gardeners maintain and water  all the thousands  of flowers in the gardens there. If  I am not mistaken, they use  special kind of  watering system. I saw some  samples of these  in Easy Watering. It is actually  a site that is engaged in selling  garden watering systems like sprinklers, automatic watering, garden hoses, pressure sprayers and  many more.

flowers at Insel Mainau.

 I just remember now that my sister in Las Vegas is using this automatic water system. It  uses  sprinklers  that automatically water  the plants using  timers.  If you are looking for some ideas  on  easy watering in your lawn  or  garden, this site can surely help you.