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This is a great news especially for cheap travellers like me. I believed many of you would be very happy if you can book the lowest possible travel you can have. Thru coupons at Groupon, you can surely have the best travel for an affordable price.

I was bitten by a travel bug with the virus called wanderlust. Because of this, I have to cure it especially when it really get worst. The solution for this sickness is to book a trip or buy a plane ticket to go somewhere. Thanks to Groupon Coupons, I can search for cheap travel with the many offers they have by using coupons. Looking at Great Value Vacations, you can surely find a perfect holiday anywhere in the planet. (more…)


Fun, Music and Entertainment at the Oktoberfest

Hello Germany! Let’s go visit Oktoberfest again this year. Are you with me? This cultural celebration known as the Oktoberfest is one of the things I love in Germany. Over four months from now, it will be starting again for this year2016. My colleagues has been talking about this since months ago. We are planning to go there this year. Although, I have been to this famous and largest festival on earth many times, it would be a pleasure going back there again and again.


One thing I love about the festival is that, it is multicultural. I mean, it is visited by many guests and tourists from all corners of the world. I also love tasting the local delicacies and other international cuisines there. Most of all, I love the fun, music and entertainment inside the beer tents.  (more…)


Flights To Tel Aviv Tourists Guide

Tel Aviv is a fast growing metropolis center in Israel with booming population. The weather is warm throughout the year and you can explore the city through walking. You can travel to Tel Aviv by taking the national flag airline El Al, to the Ben Gurion airport.  El Al offers flight services to Tel Aviv from many worldwide destinations.


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Once you have arrived at the Ben Gurion airport, you can take the public train to go to the Tel Aviv Savidor-Merkaz station which is the city center. The best way for tourists to book flights to Tel Aviv is through the online flights booking system. You just specify the departure/return date and the country where you are from and it will return a list of available Tel Aviv flights and the costs. (more…)


Cruising in Scandinavia was a Great Experience

I guess, I did not really slept that night.  I would say, I only had around an hour nap because the adventure was abut to begin. 30 minutes before midnight, I already had to drive to the pick-up area because the bus was waiting for us during that travel. It was quite a long trip from Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bavaria  to Warnemünde in Rostock.
The AIDAbella ship

I was so thankful because we arrived safe in the port where we were  going to board a  ship during that Scandinavian cruise. I was getting  more excited because it will be so far my first experience to a quite luxury cruise trip. When we arrived  at the check-in counter, the receptionist  told us that in that ship of around 1200 crews, over a half of them are Filipinos.  (more…)


Watch and Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu

Who will not get excited if you have one of the most fascinating experience in your life and that is watching and swimming  with these friendly creatures of the sea called  whale sharks,  also known by the locals as “butanding”.  Whoooaaaa! It was indeed an awesome experience!


Whale shark watching in Cebu started last September 2011 and it became popular all over the world when the news hit in the internet last November 2011. By December 2011, local fishermen’s interact with the whale sharks by feeding them that result to flocking of tourist to the beach of Tan-awan. (more…)


Saving Some Bucks in Planning for 2016 Travels

Hello February! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!I How are you doing folks !I hope the second month of the year is starting great to all of you out there.  I can’t complain so far especially that  I can’t  wait to hit the road and travel again this year. I am getting excited as days pass-by. This only means that my travels is getting so close.


I am happy that I partially planned for my annual travels for this year. Inspite having a full time job for almost 2 years now, I see to it that my passion for travelling is always on top of the list. This travel bug hit me so bad that I must travel, or else the virus of this  bug  will spread in my system and will become worse and make me sick. (more…)



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