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Hello beautiful people in this planet! How’s life  going on? I hope everything is turning great out there. It seems awhile since my last update here. No wonder, I am so busy again especially in planning my travels for this year. I wish, I have more time to update even just to post snapshots and photographs from my travels. Let’s see how I find time  in  doing this. (more…)


Time To Hear The Beat of the Drums at the Fasching or Carnival in Germany

Have you been to Germany? Did you have the chance to witness one of  its famous celebrations called Fasching?  If not, it is  time for you to  witness this so-called Fasching or carnival  in the country!  We all know that it is not only celebrated in this country but also  in other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland and other parts of the globe especially in Rio  de Janeiro. This is really a  very interesting celebration particularly watching the  parade held during the event.

A Faschingszug or carnival parade I witnessed many times in Hemau, Bavaria.

In fact  one of my favorite parts during the parade is watching the live performers and entertainers who are playing  musical instruments. I love listening to the beat of the drums during the parade.   (more…)


Thanking 2015 for a Well-Travelled Year Visiting 10 Countries

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! How was your first days of the year? I hope everything is starting great. So far,  mine is good and I can’t complain about  it.  I am full of hopes, dreams and determination for this year.  Life must go on whatever lies ahead. We have to remember, life is like a wheel. Sometimes, we are up and sometimes we are down. There happy moments and there are sad. Oh well,  this is life and no matter what,  we are still so lucky to be here in this planet experiencing God’s beautiful creations. One way of seeing it is thru travelling. That is why, I am trying my best to travel when time and finances are available.

Montenegro, Budva.DSC_1081.© webbloggirl
Budva is considered to be the famous tourist destination in Montenegro. No wonder, I visited it for the second time.

Turkey.Istanbul.DSC_6210.© webbloggirl
The Sultan Ahmet Mosque.  This was also my second visit in Istanbul.  It was spring season when I visited it last year.

I know this is quite late posting about the summary of my travels last 2015 but as the saying goes, “better late than never”!  So far, visiting 10 countries and many places  last year  is  already a great achievement  for me despite having a full time job.  Here are the countries and places I visited  last 2015.   I am also sharing some photos of  these places for you to be inspired to visit it. (more…)


Steps for Becoming a Travel Blogger

If traveling is a passion, you may be interested in doing more of it. Although you may love traveling, you still need the ability to pay the bills back home. If you want to combine your passion and your paycheck in a way that will make you happy and allow you to afford, you can become a travel blogger. Here are some of the first steps that you can take to becoming a successful travel blogger.


Take a few trips first

If you are not sure how travel blogging works, you may want to take a few trips and see how you feel about the documentation needs. Travel bloggers will need to take quality photographs, pay attention to the details, and be able to document everything to write in posts later on.  (more…)


Time to Go Shopping for the Holiday Season

It is inevitable! Christmas is just around the corner and we cannot deny it. The spirit of Christmas is giving and sharing and I believed it is slowly time to go shopping for gifts in this holiday season. Whether you are giving it to you special someone, family, friends or relatives, for sure, they will be happy to receive a present from you. Right folks?

Many of you n´might be shopping for electronics, luxury bags, shoes, dresses and the like but these stuffs are removed from my list. I guess for me, I will be shopping for different stuffs. (more…)


Can’t Wait to Visit Christmas Markets in Europe and Hear Christmas Songs

First of all, I would like to extend my prayers and heartfelt condolence to the families and friends of the victims of Paris attack one week ago and also to other victims of terrors from around the world. It is really sad and sometimes I ask myself, “Is there still a safe and peaceful place to live in this world”? No matter what, I will still keep on traveling and exploring our beautiful planet. More on that, let us always pray for  love, peace and unity  for our planet.

The Christmas market in Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia  and the main city nearest to the geographical centre of modern Germany. I once visited it and still hoping to come back again.

The season of Christmas Markets in Europe is finally here. During the month of November Christmas markets are slowly opening its door to guests  and  visitors from all over the world. Despite the security warning in Europe, I will still visit this event somewhere.  (more…)



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