Visit to the Beautiful El Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Let’s go travel and see the world again! This time, let us visit another continent.  And yes, Africa is the fourth continent I visited  last year. The first country I went  to was Morocco.  I always dream  to visit this country. I thought,  I can only see it in a travel documentation on Television or  in the internet or  travel books  but hey, I was finally there! Another dream came true!  Indeed, I had  great and memorable experiences  when I visited Morocco especially during that visit in one of its imperial cities called Marrakech.

Morocco.Marakesh.Bahia.DSC_8794.© webbloggirl
Painted ceilings; tiled walls; ornate woodwork; classic columns; colourful windows; hanging lanterns; water features; fruit trees in courtyards; and mosaic floors can be seen at the Bahia Palace.

It was a long trip 5-hour  from our hotel in Agadir to Marrakech, including the stop-overs we did.  Sitting in the bus is not boring for me because I   enjoyed the scenery we passed-by along the road. If I am driving, I might not  be able to enjoy it because I have to concentrate in driving.  We left at 7:30 AM and at around 12:30 AM,  the sunshine in Marrakech greeted us. I was with a group of German tourists that time. Thanks to the 3-month  German language course I did, I can already speak and understand the language. (more…)


An All-Inclusive Resort to Stay in Fiji

Planning for vacation is very important. It will not only save you time and money but you will also avoid stress and hectic, when it is plan ahead of time. This is the perfect time of the year to start searching for the best holiday destination. There are a lot of choices in this amazing planet, but  we  must select for the best-one that will fit our taste and budget.


The world is waiting for me and at the moment, I am also searching for the great holiday destination for 2015. In fact, a German friend whom I met in my travels in Morocco last year sent me a follow-up  email the other week. She was  asking if I can already tell her the place and the date for  our  next vacation. She is already excited to travel with me again this year. I am excited too especially that we had a lot of  fun last time. (more…)


The Amazing Ancient Walled Cities I visited in Europe

Hello February! The second month of the year is finally here! I guess, many are quite excited especially for those who have already found their special someone to celebrate the so-called “Hearts’ Month”. I don’t occupy myself with this topic now because I am really busy with so many things. lolz! I would rather love to share some travels I did in the past. This time, I will be talking about the most amazing ancient walled cities I visited in Europe.

Don’t you know that there are over a hundred of walled cities to see in Europe? I am glad, I was able to visit some of those amazing cities here. Here are some of these interesting walled cities I visited in the past;

DE.Rothenburg.02.2015.DSC_3696.© webbloggirl
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

After spending almost an hour of browsing the albums in my external hard drives, I finally found some of the ancient walled cities in Europe.  It took me quite a long time finding these photos since I have over  millions of pictures and thousands of albums from my travels to over 40 countries as of now.

I want to bring you first in one of the beautiful walled cities in Germany, the Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  This town is located on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River  in Bavaria.  This is  a quintessential German town  with its half-timbered construction and cobblestones, which is  really worth to  visit.  The town was founded in 1170 and the fortified wall was built in the 1400s. (more…)


The Singing Gondolier in Venice

Now, I surrender! I was searching for photos in my external hard drive. Those photos are actually taken during  my trips in Venice, Italy.  It seems that I cannot find the one I wanted to post here. I am trying to find this singing Gondolier in my photo albums. Sad to say, with the thousands of photos I have in my 3GB external hard drive, I can’t find it right now. I need to organize the photo albums in this gadget when I have the time.

The famous gondolas in Venice, Italy.

I have been to Venice four times already. For some reasons, I love to keep on coming back in this city. There are a lot of reasons and one of it is very simple, I fall in love with Venice. One of the things you must experience in this floating city is to do a Gondola ride(more…)


Souvenir Shopping in Madrid

Having visited over 20 capital cities in Europe, I can say that Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in the continent. My first visit there was in 2011. I did not experienced  a lot during that day-visit in winter of December,  so I promise myself to go back again. Indeed after three months, I set-foot on Madrid’s ground again. It was actually a long story why  my come back  to Madrid happened in just a span of  month’s  time. That 3 weeks stay was full of memorable experiences and adventures. I also met a lot of new and old friends.

A Souvenir Kiosk near the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.

One of the things I did when I visited Spain’s capital was shopping for souvenirs. I always love collecting any forms  of souvenirs from currency to postcards, fridge magnets, keychains, shirts, shotglasses, travel guides and more.   (more…)


Merry Christmas Everyone!

WHAT Christmas Truly Means?

It’s sharing your gifts, n0t purchasing gifts;

it’s n0t wrapping presents, it’s being present and wrapping your arms around the ones you love;

it’s n0t having the biggest and best Christmas light display,
it’s displaying the Christ light that comes from your heart;

it’s n0t Santa coming down the chimney,
it’s Jesus coming down from heaven and giving us the gift of eternal life.

and a Prosperous New Year too!



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