Go Travel and See The London Eye

London Eye is not a human eye but it is a very huge ferris wheel located in London. Here is the photo taken last year by the author of this blog! It was raining when this photo was taken. See the gray sky? the typical rainy weather in England. just sharing this picture to all of you!


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  1. Josh of Arabia Says:

    hi sis!

    we got one in the emirates too..we called it the Eye of Sharjah hehe..

    thats one thing i luv about england the gloomy sky and the rains..(as if ive been there!)

    more of this..

  2. mariancalago Says:

    Amazing ferris wheel…

    Hi Euroangel. I’ve added all you 3 blogs under EURONICS at this
    and http://ann-mymasterpiece.blogspot.com


    thank you so much!
    pls add mine. thanks again….
    visit nya mo dire sa dumanjug soon..

  3. phoenixonfire Says:

    I have gone to this one too!!! I absolutely love london eye !! But it was so sloww..but obviously they could not have amade it fast, otherwise everyone would be throwing up!! 😛 Did you check out the bungy jumping next to it? It was awesome!! Well…again great work here!! Check out my blog if you get time!!

  4. Euronics Says:

    Hi Phoenix..want to left my footprints in you sites but can’t find any post there…cheers!!

  5. Mary Joy Says:

    I’ve never been there but accordingly London Eye is the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe


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