Go Travel and See Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Have you been to Colosseum in Rome? I haven’t been there yet…hopefully this year..But I was in Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Colosseum is where the famous entertainers like Elton John, Celine Dion and Beth Medley perform. I was also inside while watching Elton John’s Red Piano Concert…a very awesome experience! check this photo from Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas!

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6 Responses to “Go Travel and See Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas”

  1. Josh of Arabia Says:

    correct me if im wrong, is this the same collosus of rome in the history?

    wow!, then..

    its kinda-graphic looking shot 😀 rgds

  2. Euronics Says:

    hey Br. Aj..it’s the replica of collosus in Rome..ur right…Caesars Palace hotel is a replica of rome….great!!

  3. MyInternet Says:

    Josh here! Wow that is an amazing spot. Haven’t been there but my imagination is already going back through time.

  4. Lilliy Says:

    Yes Caesars palace was amazing especially that great shopping mall so extravagant.. I was in Vegas in 2006 in December and had a great time.. loved the excellent shows and great gourmet restaurants and seeing all the hotels.. every thing was made in such a big scale.. We went just to see one hotel to the other just walking on the street was entertaining.. There were many shows out in the air for every one to see.. Treasure Island.. The Bellagio water fountain musical show.. Ahhh Vegas..

  5. Lilliy Says:

    I came across this funny YouTube channel where a whole texas town has gone on a vegas trip check it out..http://www.youtube.com/user/lasvegas

  6. Euronics Says:

    Hi Lilly…thanks for your footprints..vegas is truly amazing!! hope to be back there next time…happy blogging!


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