My Fave Sights in London

It is over four years now since I last visited London. Last year, a good friend  was inviting me to go with her to UK’s lovely capital. I told her, why not since it is a long time now since my  last visit. This month, I already started to look for cheap flights. I found some but I am still waiting for my friend’s final decision of going there. My friend loves clubbing and if our trip will pursue this coming spring season, I would surely love to go with her in one of the clubs in London. This is one thing I did not experience when I visited London last autumn 2008.

Let me share to you my fave sights in London and I wish to visit it again.

London Eye– It was a  cloudy,  rainy autumn afternoon when I  was walking  alone near London  Eye. Yes, I travel alone sometimes.  I decided to ride the tallest  and the famous  Ferris wheel in Europe.  It was once the tallest in the world when it was built in 1999.  Now, it is the third tallest after the Star of  Nanchang and the Singapore Flyer.  London Eye’s total structure  is  135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres (394 ft). I was so happy after my  dream came true. That is riding the  popular wheel   in London. Thanks Goodness, I don’t have fear of heights!

The famous London Eye. I had a three weeks vacation in England last 2008.©

The famous London Eye. I had a three weeks vacation in England last 2008.

Tower Bridge– Remember the song, “London bridge is falling down, falling down and so on and so forth. I am telling you guys, it is  not the London Bridge that is falling down but  the bridge next to it which is the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge-©

Tower Bridge-©

Both bridges crosses the River Thames.   The Tower Bridge  is a suspension and at the same time a  bascule   bridge.  It is located near the Tower of London where it got its name. I want to go back again to  London  to see  this bridge again and visit its engine room and  the Tower Bridge exhibition.

Buckingham Palace– This is another must-see in London. You have to see the official London residence of the Queen together with the Westminster.  I  was glad and contented when I see this architecture. I also witnessed the  so called “Changing of the guards”. I hope in my next visit I can already have a tour inside Buckingham Palace . A friend from London told me that tours inside are offered  during summer season.

Buckingham Palace- ©

Buckingham Palace- ©

I was also in Piccadilly  Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminter, Canary Wharf, Tower of London, Madame Tussaud, The Gherkin  and other sights in UK’s capital city. I wish to visit   London again in the future.


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