This Amazing Beauty of Nature, The Snoqualmie Falls in Washington

First of all, I would like to thank a good  friend for her generosity and kindness.  I only met her first last spring 2012 but then we became good friends.  She and her family visited Europe and I also toured them to some areas in this continent.  When I visited  her and family last summer of the same year, I stayed in their house for some nights.  She also toured me in some of the places in Washington.  I am grateful  for your goodness Ate Thel.  You are the one of the best!

One of the places she showed me was the Snoqualmie  Falls. It was almost an hour drive from where she lives. This waterfall is 82 meters high (268 ft).  It is located between Fall City and Snoqualmie in Washington, USA. We had a walk in  some parts of the area and  also went to the observation deck to have a good view of the falls.  You can also see the Salish Lodge and Spa overlooking the falls.

After our stroll at the park, we proceeded to the souvenir shop in the area. I bought w some fridge magnets, postcards and a keychain. We also went to the  brewery  near the area and tasted some beer. It was so far a wonderful day!

Snoqualmie Falls-©

Snoqualmie Falls-

There are two hydroelectric power plants at Snoqualmie Falls, both currently operated by Puget Sound Energy.

Snoqualmie Falls.-©

Snoqualmie Falls.-©


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