Will Be Visiting Three European Countries in 5 Days..Soon!

Nine days more to go and I am traveling again! I can’t wait to visit countries again in Europe. Last month, I found this cheap trip to three European countries including Switzerland, Italy and Lichtenstein. It is a five days trip traveling with the bus. It  also include the accommodation, breakfasts and dinners  and the sightseeing tours of the different places in these  3 countries that I mentioned.

This the itinerary of the  trip including the  places to be visited.

First Day–  Bus trip to Vaduz, Lichtenstein. This is one of the places I wish to visit. Finally in 9 days, I will see it! Vaduz is the the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein and the seat of the national parliament. Famous landmarks are the Vaduz Castle, the Cathedral of St. Florin  and  the Government House and City Hall.
I visited Zurich, Switzerland twice and Basel once but not in the places I mentioned here. You can see in this image the tower of Fraumünster (our lady’s minster) first church built before 874 and the Limmat River. This was taken last July 2012.
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Second Day–  After our breakfast, we will  go to Ascona. It is a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Ascona is a popular tourist destination located in Lake Maggiore. I would love to see its Medieval town.

We will also be visiting Locarno afterwards.  We will have a tourist guide here who will also bring us to the Camellia Park in Locarno. Since I love plants and flowers,  this is a perfect place for me to go. After that, we will proceed to the Old Town of Locarno and have some sightseeing.  I hope to see  some of its landmarks like the Castello Visconteo, The sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, Astrovia Locarno and more.

I have been to Rome and other places in Italy but not in Milan. For now, just let me share this photo I took during my travel in Rome last summer 2010. This was taken in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.
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 Third Day– Milan, Italy is also included in the itinerary.  This is one of the reasons why I booked this trip. It has been a long time since I want to go to Milan. This famous Italian city is truly a must-see for me. It is the second largest city in Italy and the capital of  Lombardy region. I would love to see the Doumo or the Milan Cathedral and other interesting sites in this city. I wish I can go shopping too!

Fourth Day–  We will be visiting Ortasee (German) or the  Lake Orta. I already  saw some beautiful images from this place. Known as Lago d’Orta in Italian, it is a lake in northern Italy west of Lake Maggiore. I hope to see some sights in this area as well. After some hours of sightseeing, we will drive to Stresa.  I already read about this town in one of my Europe Travel Guide books. This town is located on the shores of the Lago (Lake) Maggiore in the region of Piedmont, northern Italy. This is also a historic town and its name first appeared in documents in AD 998.

Fifth Day–  The trip will be put to and end. On our way back to Bavaria, Germany,  we will have a short sightseeing  in St. Gallen or Saint Gall..  This city is located in Switzerland.  It is famous fro its Abbey of St. Gall which is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I believed this 5-day trip will be a wonderful one. I have been to Italy many times and to Switzerland thrice  but not in the places I mentioned above. I am excited seeing new places again. Thanks God for the chance and opportunity to see  beautiful places in this planet.


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  1. Sylvia Jordan Says:

    That’s a pretty zassy itinerary you’ve got there. I’m checking out travelrepublic right now because I’m also planning to have a backpacking trip around Europe for a week. Your itinerary is perfect!


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