World Festivals: wellies optional

If bad weather, soggy camping and portaloos don’t appeal to you, grab your passport and have yourself an altogether different festival experience, somewhere other than the UK with BeatTheBrochure.

Holi Festival, India, 27th March

The Hindu Holi Festival, also known as India’s Festival of Colors, celebrates the triumph of good over evil.  This very colourful annual event takes place after the full moon in March and is embraced by India, Nepal and Pakistan.

What to expect: a vibrant, happy affair as scented water and coloured powders are dumped on the gathered masses.

Will appeal to: grown-ups who endured Saturday morning TV programs involving gunking as kids.

Advice: pack your favourite high performance washing powder.

The Pamplona Bullrun, Pamplona in Spain, 7-14th July

The running of the bulls in Pamplona is quite possibly the original extreme sport without the safety gear.  It’s part of the annual fiesta celebrations that honour the patron saint of Navarra, San Fermin.

What to expect: a nail-biting 3 minute race involving thousands of people attempting to outrun 6 bulls, as they negotiate the streets from Santo Domingo to the bullring.  The festival attracts around a million people.

Will appeal to: fit, agile thrill-seekers who’ve done a spot of free running.

Advice: run and don’t look back.

La Tomatina, Buñol in Spain, August

La Tomatina signifies the end of a week of partying to mark Spain’s summer festival. On the last Wednesday of August between 11am and 1pm, the biggest food fight, or to be exact, tomato fight involving thousands of people and lorry loads of tomatoes occurs.

What to expect: a writhing mass of squashed tomatoes and half-naked people.

Will appeal to: those who appreciate tomatoes, old skool family favourite, It’s a Knockout and don’t mind getting very messy.

Advice: not ideal if you are allergic to tomatoes.


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