The Street Performer in Cork, Ireland

We don’t have so much time during our visit in Cork. I guess we only had almost three hours sightseeing in this city. Not that much to see and experience many things in Cork but at least I was there to see some of its sights.

The street performer in Cork using a traditional Irish music instrument. Sorry guys, I was walking when I took this photo. It is blurry. I had the chance to visit this city last March  2013.

After our tour guide showed  us some interesting sights in this city, we were given around an hour and a half to explore it on our own. While I was walking on the streets of Cork, I saw this  musician playing a traditional Irish  music instrument. She played so good and I  guess she can also play a yamaha dgx 640. Sometimes a lot of musicians can also play different music instruments. I watch some on television and read some in the internet.

A little information about Cork.  It is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and the third largest in the whole island of Ireland.  It is situated on the banks of the River Lee in the south of the country.

I know for sure there are a lot of things to experience in this city and this is also ore of the reasons why I still want to go back there.


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