What’s in My Travel Handbag

I have to pack again my luggage soon! Yes, I am travelling again! I should start packing my luggage now but decided to do it tomorrow or on Monday. In five days, I will be away again for an 8-day travel. This time,  I am heading to many places in France and Andorra. More information to come soon!

So what’s in my travel handbag? If I don’t board a plane, I surely have some deburring tools in my handbag. I usually have a ceracut cutter and this set of Victorinox Switzerland stainless steel cutters. If I board a plane, I usually  put it inside my check-in luggage. I also packed in my handbag  a little knife and scissors for personal use.  Taking for example if I go by bus and bring some fruits like apple, I surely need a small knife in cutting it.

There are just a lot of travel gadgets I  packed in my travel luggage and handbag.


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