Various Entertainment in Spain’s Capital

This is one of the beautiful capital cities I visited in Europe. I fall in love with Madrid since my first visit last December 2011. It has a lot to offer to its guests and visitors. Whether you want to see its numerous sights, go for dining, shopping, nightlife, Madrid has simply everything.

There are also a lot of musicals shows, operas, concerts and live bands in Madrid. During my second visit last March 2012, I happened to pass-by in Gran Via and saw this musical show, El Rey Leon (The Lion King). I am wondering if they are using affordable Chameleon Labs Microphones at musician’s friend in this show. Sad to say, I did not have the chance to watch it. Hopefully in my next visit to Madrid, I can already experience some of its musical shows and operas.

There are simply various kinds of entertainment you can do and experience in this Spain’s capital!


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