Visit to the Spanish Village, Os de Civís

It was our fourth day of travel.  We stayed in a 4-star hotel in Andorra named Andorra Center. One thing I miss in that hotel are the delicious and sumptuous foods served  during breakfast and dinner.  I also have a big room even though I was alone. That is quite an advantage for me which gives more comfort.  That day, we will be visiting two places named Os de Civís and La Seu d’Urgell. Both are located in Catalonia, Spain.

Webbloggirl DSC_1419OsDiCivis,Spain
The main street in Os de Civis where you can find hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.

I set my alarm at 7:15 that day, July 6, 2013. I went down to the hotel restaurant at 8:00 after taking a bath and fixing myself. After the breakfast, I went back to my hotel room to brush my teeth and get my handbag and my camera bag. I was ready then before 9:00 in the morning because the bus will leave at 9:00 AM.

View of Os de Civis from a higher location where a hotel is located. I forgot the name of this hotel. Feel free to click the image to enlarge.

That day we visited first La Seu d’Urgell, had a picnic in the Pyrenees mountains and proceeded to Os de Civís.  It  is a village in the central Pyrenees mountains in the province of Lleida, Spain, and is located to the west of Andorra, near the villages of Aixàs and Bixessarri.

Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery of nature from rivers to mountains, hills and forest in the Pyrenees.
Os de Civís is very close to the Spain–Andorra border, and is unique in being the only Spanish village that can be reached by vehicle only by going through Andorra. It has a number of medieval buildings including a Romanesque church.

Webbloggirl.DSC_1434 Os de Civis,Spain
a souvenir store in Os de Civis. Taken last July 2013.

We were only given 40 minutes to explore this little village. I decided to go shopping for souvenirs in this area. The store where I went to, the salesman was so friendly. I guess he is also the owner of the said store. The other store where I went to is also very interesting. I ended up buying more souvenirs in the second shop. Beside it, is a very interesting restaurant that looks like a museum.

It was only a short visit to this little but interesting village  and I love it especially the  nature that surrounds this  area. The weather was also perfect  that day!


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