Listening to Bavarian Folk Music in Hofbrauhaus, Berchtesgaden

It was quite a surprise trip. We don’t really know what was the exact itinerary. I invited two friends who travelled with me that time. It was also very cheap because we only paid 5.00 Euros for each person. It was winter last February 2013 and the weather was really cold. No matter what season it is of the year, I still travel for anytime of the year.

The Hofbauhaus in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany.

Included in that trip was also a lunch in Hofbrauhaus in Berchtesgaden. We only paid for our drinks. We were entertained because there was a group of musicians playing Bavarian folk music. The musicians were quite retired people but they played so good that day. I was amazed by the good sounds of their instruments. I was thinking of they got their exceptional markbass bass di at guitar center. Are you familiar with these music instruments?  After taking a look in the internet, I already had an idea what it is.

It was quite a long trip for us, but I cannot complain for anything. Besides I learned many things from that trip. If ever there will be another offer of the same trip for 5.00 Euros, I will surely join again! lolz!


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