Limited Time for Shopping in Innsbruck, Austria

It was over a month now since I and a good friend had a trip in Innsbruck, Austria. We had fun that day and the weather was perfect for sightseeing and yes,  for shopping as well. It was winter but we were lucky to have a sunny 8 degree Celsius temperature when we were in Tyrol’s capital.

A shopping street in Innsbruck, Austria.

We actually visited Innsbruck Christmas market that time. This is a perfect time of the year to experience this wonderful season. During this time, you can go shopping for many products in a Christmas market like the one in Innsbruck.

Sad to say, we don’t have enough time that afternoon because we were only given around three hours to stay in this city. I would to buy some souvenirs like womens t shirts because I would love to give it as presents for Christmas. I was not able to do it due to limited time. I  bought some travel souvenirs like postcards, Christmas decors and a fridge magnet. My Japanese friend was also a bit sad because she wanted to buy some more gifts but she was not able to do it.  She got some stuff but she said, it was not still enough.

We also did some sightseeing when we were there. We experienced some of its  sights including the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), Hofkirche, Cathedral at Saint Jacob, Annasäule (St. Anna Column), City Hall (Stadtsaal), Old Town (Altstadt), Old Inn Bridge and other historic buildings in Innsbruck.

The city is well known for its sporting opportunities, especially alpine sports, as it is in the Alps and surrounded by mountains. Several ski resorts are situated inside the city territory or within short distance.


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