Live Bands at the Volksfest in Germany

Volksfest, a German word is literally translated as people’s festival. You can experience this festival especially during summer season. Volksfest in Germany combines with beer festival or wine festival. I already experienced a lot of this kind of fairs in any parts of Germany especially in Bavaria.


One of the Volksfest I experienced is this so-called German-American Volksfest held inside the US Army base in Hohenfels. They usually celebrate it every year but since last 2013, no festival did ever happen. I heard that the US Army is trying to cost-cut expenses, the reason why this festival did not took place.

I love watching the live bands during Volksfest. I simply love listening to their music. Sad to say, I never experience a musician playing a full size violin in any of the fairs I visited. The  image you see here was taken  during the German-American Volksfest in US Army Base in Hohenfels. This was the last fair that I witnessed  last 2012.

If you want to experience free live bands while enjoying a mug of beer,  the Volksfest  is the best thing to visit when you are in  Germany. It is truly and awesome thing to experience!


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