Seeing the Largest Jewellery Stone in the World in Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens

Crystal.DSC_8778 The first weekend of the year is almost ending. I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest.  I enjoyed doing some home chores this weekend  and I love it. I believed my first week of 2014 is ding great and there were already little things I accomplished the past days.

Back to the main topic about my trip in Austria last December, 2013. I invited a good friend during that trip. We had fun and it was indeed memorable. One of the places  we visited was Wattens. This is where you can find the museum called Swarovski Kristallwelten or Swarovski Crystal World.

You can find inside the museum the largest  jewellery stone in the world. It has  300,000 carat  which I really find very amazing!

We paid an entrance fee inside the museum.  I guessed for 11.00 Euros. After seeing their many displays inside the museum, our last landing  was in their store. There  are a lot of jewellery  inside from rings  to bracelets, earrings  necklaces, keyholders, crystal home decors, chandeliers and more.  If you are looking for for wedding rings,  cou can also find a lot of choices there.

I did not really planned to go shopping  but as  a remembrance in visiting that lovely place, I ended up buying  pairs of  earrings and a crystal pendant.

I wish I have more budget for shopping that day, but the main reason why I went there  was more  on sightseeing.

Happy new year once again!


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