Spring Visit in Kotor, Montenegro

Yes, it is finally spring time! One of the best times  of the year to travel in Europe especially in the Balkan Region.  Before I start with the my travel article about Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro, please let me first extend my thoughts, prayers  and condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the tragedy of Germanwings  flight number 4u 9525  that  crashed last  24 March 2015. The aircraft, an Airbus A320-200, crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of Nice, in the French Alps. It was a sad tragedy knowing   that I, myself is a traveler who loves to fly.   Rest in peace to all the  144 passengers and six crew members who were killed in that drama.

Kotor Bay is the deepest natural fjord-like bay in the Mediterranean Sea, and the scenery around it including the steep mountains which come almost straight down to the waters edge  is spectacular.

Back to the main topic. I miss the year when I traveled most of the time in my whole entire life.  I wish it will happen again! 2013  was  indeed a great travel year for me,  visiting 23 countries,  most of them   in Europe. I miss that year when all I have to do is travel and travel especially when I find cheap holiday packages. Sometimes I travel with my friends but most of the times, I am a solo traveler.

One of the countries I visited  was  Montenegro. I believed the highlight of  in that country was the visit  in  Kotor, a beautiful coastal town in located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor.

Montenegro.Kotor.DSC_3834.© webbloggirl
San Giovanni Fort in Kotor.

“Kotor is situated in a most secluded tip of Boka Kotorska bay, in the northern part of the Montenegro coast on the Adriatic Sea. Kotor has developed around Stari Grad (local language for “old town”), the city’s old town and best known landmark, which is listed with UNESCO World heritage sites.”

Historic buildings in the Old Town of Kotor during my visit last spring 2013.

It was spring season when I had a trip in the Balkan region, visiting 4 countries during that trip. It was a perfect time to visit  Balkan region  specifically  Kotor.  The weather was perfect that time with blue  sky and sunshine. It was  not cold anymore compared to Germany.  I was with a group of German travelers during  time. We had a tour guide during that sightseeing in Kotor, visiting its Old Town, the most famous part of Kotor which is listed with UNESCO World heritage sites.

We had a  walk around the Old Town,  seeing  its  historic monuments and architecture. Among the few ones are the St Tryphon’s Cathedral, St Nicolas Church, Maritime Museum and more.  There was  another group of tourists during our  tour in the Old Town and other individual travelers who explored the town by themselves.

I was happy and contented during that visit in this town.  I know there are still a lot of beautiful places to explore in Montenegro and I was overwhelmed visiting some of its famous  places including Cetinje, Budva and most especially Kotor. When given the chance in the future, I wish to visit it again.

I am off for bed now. Tomorrow,  is my off day from work and I will have a day-trip in some of the towns in the Franconian region of Germany. Cheers and stay safe and happy folks.

Until then!


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