Fully Entertained During That Cruise Trip in Greece

I am back! Yes, vacation is over now and I am already back to reality. I was already home last week and last Monday, I already hit the workplace again. I wish I am still on vacation especially on a cruise trip. I was fully entertained during that cruise in Greece. I only did not experienced many beautiful islands in Greece but also met different people from different countries who also joined that cruise. The crews in that ship were also from different nationalities. Really very interesting!


Leaving  the port of Chios in Greece. The weather was sunny that day.

You will never get bored at the swimming hotel. Everyday and every night, there were always live entertainments from dancing to singing, disco, karaoke, various live shows and more. The lead singer of the live shows performed so good. He can also play a guitar and a piano. I am not so sure if the sound system in that ship uses zentera but then they really produce good sounds and music. Every night, the live performances on stage  varies and they always have a theme for it.  This is one thing I love in a cruise trip. You will not only experience many places everyday but you will also have a lot of fun due to the many shows and entertainments  they have.

Experiencing a cruise holiday is indeed memorable.  I was amaze by the beauties of the different islands we visited there including  Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Simi, Athens and Chios.  I will for sure go  for a cruise trip again in the future.


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