Visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul for the Second Time

After visiting Istanbul for the first time last 2011, I had a great feeling that I will visit the biggest city in Turkey again. Indeed after almost 4 years, I was there for the second time. Visiting the only Eurasian city in the planet is  an awesome experience for me.  I can never have enough of it especially if you only spend a day during your visit. Its historic center which is partially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-to-see and to explore. Istanbul is known as Turkish financial and cultural hub and as well as its most populous  city.

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The garden park at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the Blue Mosque. Tulips are still flowering during our visit. You can Turkish women wearing the dress called burka, a black full-body covering, with veil. It was built from 1609 to 1616, during the rule of Ahmed I. Its Külliye contains a tomb of the founder, a madrasah and a hospice.

For now, let me feature one of the amazing architectures  in Istanbul known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, called in Turkishas Sultan Ahmet Camii. This historic mosque is also famous  to be called as the Blue Mosque  due to the  blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.

Part of the view of the inner courtyard where I went to during my second visit. I did not go inside the main building anymore due to lack of time.

During my first visit, I  had the chance to explore its interior.  I was with a group of  German tourists that time and we had a tour inside the mosque. Going inside  requires no entrance fee but donations are accepted when you get out (as far as I can remember during my first visit).  I am very  fascinated by the architecture of this mosque especially its interior.


The Sultan Ahmed Mosque has one main dome, six minarets, and eight secondary domes. The design is the culmination of two centuries of Ottoman mosque development. It incorporates some Byzantine Christian elements of the neighboring Hagia Sophia with traditional Islamic architecture and is considered to be the last great mosque of the classical period.

Never miss this place when you are in Istanbul.


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